Cerros Structures

Cerros is a 32 acre archaeological reserve. It has about 700 structures, only a few of which have been excavated. It is believed to have been a strategic trading center during the years it proliferated. Jade, hematite, salt, fish, and pumice were among the items that passed through its portals. Approximately a thousand people lived there during that time.

Structure 4 is the tallest acropolis at Cerros, rising 70 feet into the sky. The large strucures were not residences of the elite, but ceremonial centers. A cache was found here that contained copper, gold, effigy vessels, chert bifaces, jade, shell, and turquoise beads.

Structure 5 was one of the first temples built at Cerros, and the original was buried under a later construction about 50 BC. During excavations four stucco masks were found. What you see today are reproductions of those masks.

Structure 6 is the third of the three large acropolises found at Cerros in a plaza near the bay. Artifacts such as slipped basins, jars, jade beads, and stingray spines were found here.

Structure 29 is located near one of the ball courts, which are believed to be some of the earliest in the Maya civilization.

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