Cerro Maya means Maya hill. It was occupied from about 350 BC until 250 AD, and was a thriving trading post.

Cerros is a great place for bird-watching. They have identified at least 76 species of birds. Ocelots and tapirs may be still be seen at Cerros, and an alert guide may be able to point out some tracks of them.

Products that passed through Cerros going between the New River and the Rio Hondo were jade, obsidian, hematite, salt, fish, and pumice, a rock that floats.

Cerros is surrounded by a man-made canal that wraps around for 1200 meters. It was used to help prevent flooding due to the swampy land and to transport goods from place to place. It may also have been used as a refuge for boats during storms.

The land in Cerros is mostly swamp, and the inhabitants built raised fields for fishing and farming.

Some excavations of the canal surrounding Cerros have revealed walls made of plaster.

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